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Not For Sale

Domain Name NOT FOR SALE

NOT for sale - Helpful for those that send emails of such a request.

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Error Pages

Perfection, requires work. For me, it's in a recovery page for a HTTP error from a web server, why just server a useless default page?

My Projects

There is a "in the works" 'projects' list of 'businesses' or domain names / websites I have going at this time.

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To www or not?

When the 'web', the internet started, most machines, the forwarded facing "web server" was give the subdomin of www, so it would be www.7425.com, this is as compared to an mail server, or ftp server, akin to mail.7425.com, or ftp.7425.com. All of which are part of the 7425.com domain. So now the question, should the site be just the domain, or include the www subdomain, and if so, are that the same site or two different sites?

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XDR2NET : Domain Names, Web Hosting, etc.

XDR2NET Home Page

Let me save you money. I sell domain names, offer web hosting, email hosting, and full eCommerce business websites, let along servers, SSL Certs, and all your internet needs, it's Internet Solutions, 101.

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Secure Random Password

Secure Random Password - Locally generated secure random passwords via JavaScript, Online secure password generator

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RndPwsd() // Random Password Generator for strong secure passwords

I purchased 3 years domain registration w/ privacy for $38.05 from XDR2.NET (XDR2NET).

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